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About Us

Found in 2008, Goldfishkeepers.com is an online community of Goldfish lovers and breeders dedicated to the exchange of ideas and information regarding goldfish rearing and breeding. Our goal is to become the leading online resource for goldfish community around the world. Since our community is led by successful / famous goldfish breeders around the world, you will learn the Art of goldfish keeping methodologies. We encourage you to get involved in our community to build better goldfish society around the world.

We also promote the sale or exchange of local bred goldfish. You will get a more economical fish by avoiding import fees and you will also get a stronger fish. Make sure you check member buy/sell section in forum too.

Categories of Members

  • Admin: the administrator of the site
  • Moderator: A person who help administrator in managing the forum
  • Ambassador: A person with an extreme knowledge about goldfish.
  • Breeder: An experience breeder who breeds and distributes goldfish regularly.
  • Vendor: A person who import/sell fish
  • Member: our regular member
  • New Member: some person who recently join our community.

Goldfish Club

Goldfish Society of Great BritainAmerican Ranchu Society North American Veiltail Association Blue Egg Phoenix Preservation Society

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