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AquaClear Power Filter - Product Review

Keeping your tank’s water clean is crucial to the health of your fish. A low-quality filtration system will not only fail to remove imperfections from the water, but will also require more attention from you in the way of maintenance and carbon-filter replacement. If you’re looking for a powerful, yet efficient, filter for your goldfish tank, consider the AquaClear Power Filter. The AquaClear features a triple-filtration system that not only keeps your water cleaner and more maintenance-free, but it also provides a safe haven for beneficial bacteria to live and assist in the cleaning of your tank’s water.

Benefits Of The AquaClear Power Filter

Despite a price tag which is less than many similarly sized filters on the market, the AquaClear Power Filter was designed to provide a number of different features:

•Up to 7x more filtration volume than similar models

•Three-cycle filtration system including a foam insert filter, an activated carbon filter and a Biomax ceramic filter

•Five different models for tanks ranging from 20 - 110 gallons

•Longest media to water contact time in the industry

What really stands out about this product is how efficient and effective it is. With its adjustable flow rate, your water output can be decreased by up to 50%. This allows the water in the chamber to recycle and process through the filter a higher number of times and remove nearly all negative particles.

Three Filter System

The AquaClear Power Filter also differs from its competitors through its use of three different filters.

1.On the bottom is the re-usable AquaClear Foam Insert which acts to remove large debris and distribute the water evenly.

2.The middle filter features activated carbon. While carbon filters are standard in most filtration systems, the AquaClear filter contains over five times more carbon than is found in the average competitor’s product. It is not recommended to put activated carbon in the filter all the time. You should only use it when removing medication from the tank.

3.The top filtration level is a Biomax filter. This filter contains ceramic rings with a porous surface which allows beneficial bacteria to thrive, further removing imperfections from your tank’s water.

How Beneficial Bacteria Can Help Your Tank

As a tank ages and is conditioned, natural bacteria build up throughout – especially in the filter. With most filters, changing the carbon insert will remove all of these types of bacteria. These helpful colonies generally take weeks to rebuild. With the AquaClear filter, three separately-replaced filters allows your tank to constantly maintain beneficial bacteria. These organisms help remove nitrates and ammonia from your water – substances which are naturally produced by fish living in your tank. By removing the beneficial bacteria from your tank with a normal filter, your water levels can be severely affected, putting your fish in danger.

For anyone with a tank between 20 and 110 gallons, the AquaClear Power Filter is a good filtration choice. With its three filter system and adjustable flow rate, you can help keep your tank’s water the cleanest possible. Great for beginners or anyone who is tired of constantly replacing filters, the AquaClear Power Filter allows beneficial bacteria to steadily thrive, increasing the health of your tank.

If you have any question, please click here to discuss more about the filter.

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