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Goldfish Breeder Tour Series - VARanchu (Rob)

Breedersí tour is one of the efforts by Goldfish Keepers trying to introduce the set up of goldfish breeders to the audience. We hope you can appreciate the hard work of our breeders or you can learn to become a breeder by going through these series. This time I have a chance to visit Rob and study his fish room. Thanks Rob. I also have to thanks my wife to join me as a photographer.

I have to admit that this is not my first time visit to breeders but I didnít have a chance to write it up in the past, sorry guys.

Rob is one of the famous ranchu breeders in the States and he is successfully breeding Matsuyama line of ranchu for almost 10 years already.

Rob accepted my request for breeder tour and we met around 10 in the morning of June 1st, 2013. He lives at Northern Virginia right next to Washington DC. He lives at a beautiful house surrounded by a neatly decorated yard within a beautiful neighborhood.

Upon arrival, he brought us to his side yard with two tubs filling with green water.

Green Water Tub

This is where he keep his experiment of breeding Azumanishiki. Azumanishiki is a Calico Japanese top view oranda with nice square head..


After discussing his experimental project, we walked toward his beautiful outdoor top view ranchu tub.

TVR Pond

Hey, look at his fish. (mostly Matsuyama line)..

Top View Ranchu

Next to the TVR tub, there is a beautiful pond of Shubunkin..

Goldfish Pond

Next step is toward the neat fish room where he kept his baby fish..

Fish Room


Fish Room

After the tour, we were having a nice fish conversation for two hours before heading home back to New York. We really enjoy our trip and will write more about our conversation in near future.

A quick Video of his fish

babies of 2013

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