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How Much Should You Feed Your Goldfish To Keep Them Healthy?

One of the biggest problems that many people who are new to goldfish keeping experience is that they just aren’t quite sure how much food they should feed their goldfish. Because of this, many people mistakenly feed their goldfish either way too much or way too little. Both underfeeding and overfeeding can have significant impacts on your fish, so it is important to make sure that you are able to feed them the proper amount at regular intervals.

Why Underfeeding and Overfeeding Can Be Dangerous

In the past, many people simply would feed their goldfish a “pinch” of food once or twice a day. We know now that this simply is not enough food to keep a fish healthy. At a minimum your goldfish will cease to thrive and grow, but more likely underfeeding will cause much more serious consequences. Also, experts recommend splitting up your feedings into at least three different times throughout the day. This allows the fish to feed at the right speed for their bodies to process the nutrients.

In some circumstances, new goldfish keepers may overfeed their fish – especially small ones in relatively small tanks. By feeding your fish more than they are able to eat, you are causing your tank’s water to become dirtier faster. As the uneaten food decays it can cause health problems with your goldfish. Overfeeding will force you to change your tanks water more frequently or risk the safety of your fish.

What is the Proper Amount to Feed Goldfish?

According to expert goldfish breeder John Parker, a standard fancy goldfish should consume around 2% of its body weight each day. How are you supposed to know how much your goldfish weigh? The old-fashioned way – with a scale. With the aid of a paper towel you can quickly weigh your fish without any harm – just be sure to balance out the scale with the paper towel on it before attempting the weighing.

Once you know how much a fish weighs, it is easy to calculate the proper amount to feed. A small 20 gram fish would need 2% of its weight, or 0.4 grams spread out throughout the day. For larger tanks with varying sizes of goldfish, pick an average-sized fish as the base to calculate the rest.

A proper diet is crucial for the well-being of your goldfish. Underfeeding will likely cause small and unhealthy fish while overfeeding will dirty your tank quickly and open your goldfish up to various illnesses. By taking the time to carefully measure out the proper amount of food for your fish you are able to help ensure that they remain bright and healthy.

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