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Goldfish Standard for Common Goldfish

The common goldfish is classified as a single-tail fish, with a dorsal fin on a “torpedo” shaped body. It can grow to 12 inches, the largest being 20 inches long. When viewed from the top, the fish has the aerodynamic appearance of a torpedo, with the front and rear ending in a smooth taper. The shape of the fish is similar to that of a carp. But viewed from the side, it has a more streamlined or elongated appearance as the depth, compared to the length, is not as great as in the carp.

The common goldfish has: double pectoral fins and pelvic fins—a set of two fins on the chest and another set on the waist, a single anal fin—a fin near the anus, and a caudal fin—the tail.

Although usually thought of as a red fish, the common goldfish can be found in many colors, among them: orange, yellow, white, olive or drab green, yellow-brown and black. The scales of the fish are of the metallic forms.

The most important in judging a common goldfish is the overall appearance or “comformation” of the fish. It should be without defects and disease; it should swim vertically, not listing to a side.

The scales of the fish should be regular and even, giving the (impression/look) of smoothness, there should not be scales missing, showing as gaps or spots in the regular arrangement of scales.

As the common goldfish is metallic fish, the sheen, or the luster, of the fish is (significant/of great significance) as its effect, combined with the effect of the color, can enhance the appearance of the fish. The color should be deep and uniform throughout the body of the fish, except those with calico coloring. The calico color fish is called Shubunkin.

The fins of the fish should be of proper shapes and sizes. The tail fin should be about 3/8 of the length. The dorsal fin should be about ¼ to 3/8 of the depth of the body, and it should be carried erect and vertical. The twin pectoral fins and twin pelvic fins should be of the same size, and the fins should be of proper size.

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