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Green Water For Goldfish

For years, many goldfish keepers have been fighting a constant war inside of their aquariums. Oftentimes, fish hobbyists find the water in their tanks being invaded by microscopic, green algae. Most fish owners cringe at the first site of green water, performing water changes and using chemicals to treat the “problem”. Now, more and more goldfish owners are finding out about the benefits of having green water in their tanks and are embracing the healthy, natural ecosystem this algae encourages.

What Causes Green Water?

If you notice your water turning greenish, it is most likely the result of small plants developing in your aquarium. These microscopic organisms occur naturally in most outdoor bodies of water, but have long since been the bane of goldfish keepers seeking a “pristine” tank. Green algae ingests nitrogen and CO2 and sends oxygen out into your tank. As it is a plant, green water algae also needs exposure to light into order to photosynthesize. Many times, hobbyists who keep their tanks lit twenty-four hours a day will see their water culturing these plants at an out-of-control pace.

The Benefits Of Green Water

In nature, green algae can be found nearly everywhere. It is a crucial part of the ecosystem, and fish owners who work to rid their tank of the algae are not only wasting time and money, but they are also creating more work for themselves down the road. Green algae thrives by processing the nitrogen and CO2 in your tank. Both of these things are produced as waste by your goldfish. In essence, green water is nature’s tank cleaner and can significantly reduce the amount of time that you need to spend cleaning your tank and changing your water.

Another way that green water can be used is for the breeding of brine shrimp or daphnia. These small organisms feed on microscopic plant particles such as green algae and can thrive in a green water tank. For any goldfish keeper with a significantly amount of fish, repeatedly purchasing these goldfish food sources can turn into a sizeable expense. By culturing your own daphnia and brine shrimp, you can ensure a constant source of affordable food for your fish.

Developing green water in your tank is also a cheap alternative to other biologically-promoting items such as Hydro V sponge filters. These types of filters are designed to provide a place for beneficial bacteria to form and live. The types of bacteria that these items cater to are great for your fish, and can help keep your tank clean and its ecosystem healthy, but are not needed when using green water. In fact, many goldfish keepers who prefer green water remove their filters altogether into order to promote their natural water-cleaning algae system and reduce competition between the two ecosystems.

Despite popular belief, green water is not bad for your aquarium. It has a number of important benefits and can actually lead to healthier fish. Today, we are finding out more and more about how natural algae benefits and affects fish than ever before. Next time that you start noticing the water in your tank turning a greenish hue, step back and consider green algae’s place in nature before rushing to “clean” the water.

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