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  1. Kimber
    Golden Oasis Fancies
  2. Ranchu Oranda keeper
    Ranchu Oranda keeper
    Hello, I’m ranchu Oranda keeper
  3. tiger
    tiger Virginia ranchu
    Hi. Do you have fancy goldfish for sale, or know other good fish provider in Northern Virginia? Thanks.
  4. Ojquera
    from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs! ;)
  5. Kellyg2122
    question for the members - I have a fancy goldfish that has developed an issue with its eye. Wondering if anyone has thoughts on what it is.
  6. Nancy
    Please I need help regarding my young oranda
  7. Nancy
    Nancy joe
    I need help ASAP if anyone around to chat
    Yeah I'm in. Thanks
  9. bonniesdad
    bonniesdad Stratton
    Hi. Did you have any luck contacting Amy Sims0Shonka for Broadtails?
  10. bonniesdad
    bonniesdad Cincy Ranchu
    Hi. Any Bristol or Telescope that are big enough to spawn this spring? Shipping to Sacramento area 95682. Thanks Dave
  11. daphniaculture.com
    lurking, watching, learning...
  12. Sbuggg13
    Lover of butterfly telescopes. the dream is to create a name for myself breeding quality butterflies.
  13. caz
    caz afnaveils
    Thanks for getting back to me Gerard.
  14. caz
    caz afnaveils
    Hi Gerard, my names Carol (caz) on this board. I was advised to ask if you knew of anyone in Canada that breeds Watonai. Recently lost the only one I had to a heron!
    I live in Ontario and find it hard enough to get Wakins, but Watonai seem impossible and places like Blackwater Creek and Raingarden are not an option for me.
    Thanks for any info you can give,
    1. afnaveils
      Hi Carol, Unfortunately, the watonai is a goldfish variety I've never seen. They are either rare in Canada or I've not paid much attention to it. I'll check with a couple of friends and get back to you.
      Nov 21, 2017
  15. Aayush
    How much gallons of water can camry a310 aquarium hold?
  16. Sbuggg13
    Sbuggg13 Joshua's golds
    Hi Josh, I was wondering what you had in the way of young butterflies? I am looking to add some new ones to my breeding stock.

    Thank you!
  17. nolaveils
    nolaveils MirandaMKEfancies
    I wouldn't use the red and white fish with the other two. Red and white are dominate to recessive blue so the offspring may have no blue.
    1. MirandaMKEfancies
      Thank you for your response. The red and white is a sarasa. Mostly mate wth some metallic scales here and there. Would it still be considered dominant to the blue? Not sure how sarasa and blue base work. Do they appear to be nice quality? They are still very young yet, growing them out until spring most likely.
      Nov 19, 2017
    2. nolaveils
      When breeding a calico with blue to a metallic, the decoloring?demelanizing genes of the metallic basically in the end wipe out the black/blue in the offspring.
      Nov 20, 2017
      MirandaMKEfancies likes this.
    3. MirandaMKEfancies
      So would calico to calico be a good recommendation? I keep getting very mixed input on whether or not to breed calico to calico. If not, what would be a good choice to breed with a calico?
      Nov 21, 2017
  18. nolaveils
    nolaveils MirandaMKEfancies
    I have been breeding broadtail moors and calico veils for about 40 years but only a couple of spawns a year, unlike several others on this site who breed in larger numbers to sell. At the moment I just have the ones I need for next year.
  19. Justintime
    Justintime rivergardennursery
    Hello my name is Justin my email is justin.bland@aol.com I am currently looking to buy a new ranchu could you email me so I can let you know what I would like
  20. Francesca01