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Dec 18, 2017 at 5:24 PM
Jul 21, 2010
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Bedfordshire, England

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Professional Breeder, Male, from Bedfordshire, England

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    1. Gavmwhite
      Hi fantail1 I'm based in the uk and was wandering if you ever have any tvr for sale? Look forward to your reply, your fish are amazing.
      1. fantail1
        Hi - Thank you! Please pm me your email address and I will reply. I don't have any right now, as I have sold all I want to see this side of the new year, but there will be some young nisai for sale early in 2018
        Aug 31, 2017
    2. clairefishy
      Hi fantail1, I really need some help. I bought two tiny adorable fancy fish both which look like cincy ranchu picture. One black and one white. We have had them for over a year now, and they have grown to approx. 3.5 inches. They have outgrown the tank they are in and wondered if you knew of anybody who would take on our big fancy fish and give them a good home.
      1. fantail1
        Hi - sorry, but I don't. You could try your local shop (or if you can afford it, buy a bigger tank?)
        Nov 22, 2016
    3. Hiccup
    4. Cincy Ranchu
      Cincy Ranchu
      Enjoying your Ranchu fry discussions this week. A really nice thread!
      Any chance you are coming to the states this year? Breeders Social is coming up in early September
      1. fantail1
        Thank you. That's very kind. I would love to but finances are tight right now (we are saving to move home). If all goes well 2018 or 2019 could be possible. Keep the invitation open for me please! Have a great Social - sounds like fun.
        Jun 27, 2016
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    5. Cincy Ranchu
      Cincy Ranchu
      David, just to let you know. Dave Mandley's wife died this week after being ill for about. Four years
    6. Amy S
      Amy S
      I consider you to be very professional and would leave it (your title) at that. I have always thoroughly enjoyed your feedback on quality and it is spot on! For those that don't want to be "patted" it is refreshing....so thank you. Amy
      1. pritish1 and small_ranchu like this.
    7. fantail1
      Hi Jes - unless it was Frances (Panda) then I have no idea, sorry. As I mentioned they are not widely bred in the UK.

      Kind regards

    8. Jes
      Hi David,
      Thank you very much for your quick reply! :)
      I have purchesed some off Andy before. He got them from another breeder. i don't want to be cheeky and ask him who it was because i wouldn't be paying for them through them. I don't suppose you know who that would be do you?
      Many thanks
    9. Jes
      I am in the UK and on the hunt for butterfly tele breeders. I was told to ask you about it. I have purchased some in the past from starfisheries but surely they can't be the only ones breeding them.
      Thanks for your help
    10. Fiona
      Hi, please can you help me with some advice, I was told you are in the UK and have a wealth of experience. I have posted a thread under new members and it is called goldfish dying. Thanks.
    11. johnatoranchu
      Ah - but there's method in my madness! Culling in Cincinnati is both fun and disappointing as many should have been culled long before I see them. My "experimental" stuff is totally different and difficult as one can never be sure exactly what to keep. The Imperials are a case in point. Finnage can be culled for quite easily but colour is more difficult and complex particularly as uncoloured metallic and mock metallic Bristol Shubunkins have been used repeatedly in "the mix". Most fish do not change colour until their second year and as I do not have Dave Mandley's ponds/lakes, I can only grow on a small percentage anyway.
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    Bedfordshire, England
    Water Type:
    Municipal Water
    Owned goldfish since:
    Bred Ranchu in 1970s and just restarted in 2015. Bred metallic fantail strain 2006 - 2014 and started a London Shubunkin strain in 2014. Chairman of GSGB