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Dec 20, 2010
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Butterfly Breeder, from USA

    1. Hiccup
      SOLID GOLD !!!!!! Hi, I'm Hiccup and I have learnt practically everything about goldfish from you. Thank You for making these videos! I started feeding Repashy Soilent Green and I want to add some variety. Which do think is a better choice: Saki Hikari Purple or Frozen Bloodworms
      Once again, Thanks for the amazing work you put into each and every one of your videos :)
    2. JoeyMintPepper
      HI Jennie! Glad to have you here! I watch your videos every week and since I live in the Uk there is a time difference so I wait all day Monday(my time) and watch them immediately after you upload them! I know. Crazy.

      P.s love your hair!
    3. Goldfish1
      Hi Jennie,
      I was wondering if you have started selling Butterfly Tails at this time? I am interested in purchasing several if you have some available. Thank you
    4. chocky
      Hi Jennie :)
      Just wanted to say hello from australia and that i've recently started following your blog and youtube videos :)
      Your videos are awesome, very informative and great quality! (nice hair btw!) haha

      I've just started out keeping fancy goldfish and your blog/videos are where i go for information all the time haha

      Thanks again and look forward to more vids

      elaine (chocky) xx
    5. High Ranchu
      High Ranchu
      Hi Jennie,

      I found in your post mentioning of Poret foam http://www.swisstropicals.com/filtration-shop/poret-foam-shop/

      I wonder if you have use it. I need to find something that will work as a reusable mechanical pre-filter (very first layer) in my sump tank. So, I can often remove it and wash it from debris.

      I looked at Poret foam and though it my work for me, but wanted to reconfirm. Would I get 1" or 2" thick and should I go with 20 or 30 PPI. Ideally I would want something that would let water through very easily and trap smallest particles at the same time.

      Would you recommend this foam for my purpose?

      Thank you very much in advance!!

    6. tkyo.emlee
      Hi Jennie! I love your blog and regularly check out your videos on your YouTube channel. I'm relatively new to the hobby but like to get it right so I've obsessively been researching online on how to be a good goldfish keeper. Looking forward to seeing more of your content.

      Eric from Montreal
    7. Flipper
      Hi Sakura. I love your SG blog and really appreciate your advice. Your butterfly GF are stunning. Do you only keep GF or others too? I will "see" you around.
    8. afnaveils
    9. joe
      Hey Jennie, how are you doing, I have not seen you around much lately. How is the new tank and filter working out. Hope everything is well with you and your fish (and of course family) take care joe
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