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Nov 22, 2008
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Jan 18, 2018 at 2:00 PM
    1. Amigurumiprincess
      Hi Fred I am a new Ranchu Mama. I bought 8 ranchu babies from Cynthia at east coast Ranchu. I have had them a week and today one of my babies passed away. He was weak from the start really odd shaped.. she gave me him for free because of him being deformed.. anyways.. another of the babies .. when I say babies I mean 7monthes old.. This other Ranchu's Head went from being orange to a clearer red color.. I am just stressed right now.. I cycled my tank with Comets and Cynthia is thinking maybe there is some sort of pathogen at work here.. HELP Fred what should I do.. should I take them out of the home they are in now and put them in a plastic tote ?
    2. Ranchutoo
      Awesome! Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.
    3. Ranchutoo
      Hi Fred: I tried the search engine to see if you had a dictionary of commonly used terms or an abbreviation decoder on this site. It's probably in front of my eyes, but I can't seem to locate it. I'm following most of the posts, but there are oftentimes abbreviations that are difficult to decipher. For example, what is a "BBR"? I think this is one of the best hobby sites I have ever seen. The spirit of the group is so kind and generous ~ much of it I am observing comes from tactful moderating, which you do with such panache. Thanks.
    4. SandyBottom
      thanks,i appreciate it. he has quite a strong personality. hope he can mellow a bit. let others have their say.i really do enjoy the website. i don't want to make "waves".bad pun sorry.
    5. skidad_2007
      Hi again, just to thank you for your help with pm from Icthius - turns out it was a misunderstanding.
      We have exchanged a few pm's, so hopefully matter closed.
      Thanks again
    6. von
      Did 80% nitrites went higher next day
      Changing to 80gal next week now what
    7. skidad_2007
      You continue to tease me with these links to Wakin, but I may have positive news tomorrow - I've found some Wakin in UK, They're supposed to be delivered tomorrow - if all is well I'll post some pics - I've not seen them so feeling a little nervous as to quality - not an ideal start with Wakin I know, but they're so rare here..
    8. skidad_2007
      Liked all your posts showing links to Wakin .......obviously I'm in the wrong place (UK) - still keeping fingers crossed to acquire some here - maybe I'll start a new trend breeding Wakin!
      Wonder why they're not popular here
    9. TheTruth
      hi fred,bluebelly broke his leg he is in danger of loosing fish because he cant move and has nobody to help him.maybe you could post something so that people in his area could help out. thanks,john
    10. 19ave brooklyn
      19ave brooklyn
      Hello Fred.How are you ?how breeding season?i got some ranchu from hawaii,they just spawn once ,not much fry because i removed parent fish late.when you have free time i woud like to see you or you can come my house for some coffee .Best regards.
    11. 19ave brooklyn
      19ave brooklyn
      Thank you Fred
    12. 19ave brooklyn
      19ave brooklyn
      Or you know anyone around NYC sell Japanese ranchus ,
    13. 19ave brooklyn
      19ave brooklyn
      Hi Fred ,this is Patrick ,how are you?You have any extra. female ranchu for sale ,I would like to buy it
    14. 19ave brooklyn
      19ave brooklyn
      Hi Fred. How are u?when can i see you,my day off every tuesday just give me a call when u have time.
    15. 19ave brooklyn
      19ave brooklyn
      Thank you Fred,where u live very close to my shop nostrand ave between X and Y,hopeffuly see u soon
    16. 19ave brooklyn
      19ave brooklyn
      Hi Fred,my name is patrick nguyen ,i m a new member of forum couple month ago ,i thnink i try to contact u once before and u did reply back to me but i was too busy .i live in bensonhurst 19ave ,i try to looking for some friend to share a pasion of japanese ranchu,i have been log on this site all the time and i saw u live in sheepsheed bay i know this negborhood very well because i use to live here too.i beleve u are very knowlegde about ranchu as u post alot of beautiful fish,i would like to buy some fish .where in sheeheed bay u live ? Can i come to see your fish? My phone is 917 2935013 if u like to give me a call.Take care.
    17. yukoandk
      Hi Fred,

      This picture made me smile today, and I thought perhaps I could share it on the appreciation thread.

      The picture is by Hinata, a Japanese ranchu hobbyist, and is on her blog page (Hinata-Zirushi) here: http://yaplog.jp/sudukeika/archive/1924. A very cute face of Japanese ranchu and interesting details of the head growth.


    18. TheTruth
      HI FRED,was talking with dave,maybe we could get together and get a box from one of these farms and have it sent to dandy or that guy in mass or get our own lisence what do you think
    19. 19ave brooklyn
      19ave brooklyn
      Hi fred where you live in brooklyn newyork .my name is patrik ,new member to forum ,also live in brooklyn ny
    20. GreenTea
      Thank you for the warm welcome ^_^
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