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Virginia ranchu
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Dec 2, 2016
Dec 20, 2008
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Arlington, Virginia
Biotech Sales rep

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Virginia ranchu

Professional Breeder, from Arlington, Virginia

Virginia ranchu was last seen:
Dec 2, 2016
    1. tiger
      Hi. Do you have fancy goldfish for sale, or know other good fish provider in Northern Virginia? Thanks.
    2. Glen
      Hi looking to start keeping ranchu. Do you have any for sale? Thank you!
    3. ARVIND
      hi do you have any baby ranchu still for sale? thx
    4. mngoldfishfan
      Here is my email ey1228w@gmail.com

      Bought tvr from GARY last few years ,few week ago tried to combine two group in one tank and lost all of them

      Gary sent me some fish last week ,However,the package broke ,fish died,and he ran out of cbr.

      Rob,if possible may i have 8 from you,please.and i have paypal or whatever you like.

      Two day shipping is ok foe me.
    5. mngoldfishfan
      please give me the price of your cbr Thanks
      1. Virginia ranchu
        Virginia ranchu
        Price is $30 each, with a $60 minimum. I can do four fish for $100
        Aug 27, 2016
      2. Virginia ranchu
        Virginia ranchu
        Also, where are you located? I can ship to continental US only, but pickup is also an option if you are near Delaware
        Aug 27, 2016
    6. Golden phil36
      Golden phil36
      Hello i am looking to buy ranchu and or ryuchu pls email me at spicewind6425@gmail.com thank yoi in advance
    7. SmallFry
      HI Rob - if you get this message tonight (11/13/15) can you call me regarding the Richmond Show tomorrow?
      Thanks Alan (540) 270-8150
    8. branflake31
      Someone on the American Ranchu Society Facebook page said you might have ranchus for sale. Do you?
    9. mlm
      Hello, Hope you don't mind the pm.came across your post on Columnaris and think one of my pond goldfish might have this. His fins have been clamped for about a week and noticed a very small white cottony spot on dorsal fin that came off when touched and just noticed 2 tiny and short thread like things from mouth when he eats. you cant see it unless he is eating they come out. I started treating with melafix and primafix before seeing the things in his mouth,. iv read that they wont help if its Columnaris .Im really getting confused on the different things it could be and what to treat with. he is in a hospital tank and seems to be doing good and eating good. His bowel movements are a bit stringy.Ph 7.5, Ammonia 0,Nitrite 0,Nitrate0. So he has clamped fins, tiny fuzzy spot that came of on dorsal fin, 2 tiny thread like things in mouth, bursts of fast swimming and flashes every once and a while. but is eating great and active. Any advice would be very appreciated.
    10. CStufft
      Thanks, something sent out a bunch of spam earlier this week. I apologize, not sure what happened, I have changed my password and cleared things out. Thanks, Chris
    11. TheTruth
      lets join forces on azumas in order to bring out blue.what do you think of baby ranchu?
    12. Virginia ranchu
      Virginia ranchu
      Hey Billy,
      I did get those pictures. Thank you! It is good to have a record of everyone's fish year after year. It was good to meet you finally. I hope to see you again next year.

    13. Billy
      Hey Rob, did you get those pics from the social that I sent out? Billy
    14. Ranchufan16
      Hey Rob it was great getting to know you today! hope its the start of a great friendship and thanks for the fish! My wife LOVES them..but not as much as me! buying a tub this week to put all my new TVR babies in......and so it starts:)
    15. njcwgrl
      Hi ,

      Cindy told me you might be able to help re-home my fish. Is there anyway you can help me get home for my fish ? They are nice fish I might be able to drive them to you if you can take them. I DONT want them to end up in a pet shop . They need to be with someone who knows goldfish. Please let me know if you can help us.

      Thank you,
      Blackstone, Va
    16. Veil Gal
      Veil Gal
      Rob, I have been thinking of you, with all the crazy snowy weather down "south." How are you--and how are your fish?
    17. Bristolfisher
      How are you?? What is the latest in your fish world? I seem to have lost your email. could you send it again.
    18. Veil Gal
      Veil Gal
      Rob, Glad you had a good time at the Social. Someone posted a link to Hikari's list of ingredients for that "wonder food." Maybe the listing is wrong? It looks lousy --for example "bakery products" and gluten meal- plus the description says spirulina enriched--but it wasn't on the ingredient panel. Hmmm... I just ordered the Hikari lionhead to try on my edo fry that Matt Lyon gave me.
      I just tried hikari frozen brine shrimp with spirulina and the fish go WILD for it!
      How is Kobe?
    19. afnaveils
      Hi Rob,

      Great to see you again at Gary's! Did you get any of the JinChu Kai ranchu fry? Gary gave me some. I culled 3 out of 11, so I think I may not have had fry from the top end of the expert culling. But I really glad to have had some of these precious ranchus.
    20. Veil Gal
      Veil Gal
      Hi Rob, Obviously I could not attend the Breeder's Social. Would love to hear your "synopsis." Learn anything of great note? How are those nice ranchu developing for you? Michelle
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    Arlington, Virginia
    Biotech Sales rep
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    Municipal Water
    Owned goldfish since:
    Backyard and basement hobbyist

    Japanese Ranchu, Azumanishiki
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