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Goldfish Diagnose

Discussion in 'Goldfish Clinic' started by Diegoa1997, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. Diegoa1997

    Diegoa1997 New Member

    Jan 12, 2016
    Hey guys, I need some advice from you experts, I have had my goldfish for about 3 weeks, ever since I got him him with and my other 4 goldfish he has been the odd man out, he likes to rub himself against my sand substrate and he also has a bent on his dorsal fin, he had a white spot on the top of his fin and a couple holes on the bottom of his dorsal fin so I put him on these page but I was told it was probably not ich so I did what I was told and added some aq salt to the tank and waited to see if anything changed, his white spot went away but the holes remained and he kept scratching so I did a salt dip but he only lasted one and a half minutes, so I'm still applying salt to the tank but yesterday I saw that his fin now has a rip and today there was another rip and one of his scales is missing my dad says that he's probably a female and he's trying to make a cave in the sand for eggs. Is this normal? will he heal?

    Water parameters: these are best taken with a liquid drop test kit. Strips are usually very inaccurate

    • Ammonia: 0
    • Nitrites: 0
    • Nitrates: 20
    • pH: 7.6
    • Temperature: 76
    Tank setup:

    • Tank size: 55 gal
    • Type of filter: 2 emperor 400's
    • What you feed your fish: goldfish omega one pellets
    • How much and how often you change water: 25% weekly
    • Any new fish, plants, ornaments, or medications recently added to the tank: no

    • How many fish in the tank and what type: 5 fancy goldfish
    • Age and approximate size of the fish: 3 medium size, 2 small
    • Symptoms
      • Physical signs to look out for can include torn fins, red streaks, unusual spots, raised or missing scales, swelling, visible parasites and wounds, and many others
      • Behavioral signs to look out for can include floating or sitting on the bottom, odd swimming, clamped fins, gasping at the surface or rapid breathing, darting or rubbing on things in the tank, and many others

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