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Goldfish Feeding Experiment

Discussion in 'Goldfish Food' started by steamboatpilot, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. steamboatpilot

    steamboatpilot Active Member

    Feb 4, 2017
    Northern California
    I set out to do a comparison of two foods, Azayaka growth and Saki Hikari Purple. I had recently purchased two thai calico orandas from the same spawn and they had both just finsished quarantine so what a perfect oppurtunity. I wanted to see if the colors or growth rate were noticabely different if fed exclusively these foods for 30 days. Here is the setup for each fish.

    1 10 gallong tank
    1 sponge filter
    1 heater @ 77F
    1 automatic feeder to feed every 3 hours for a total of 4 feedings plus 1 manual feeding
    1 daily 75-100% water change

    I expected to see next to no difference, these are both premium foods and the fish should both put on a good amount of weight with abundant food and warm water.

    The first problem encounted was the automatic feeders drop too much food for one fish, I remedied this with a piece of scotch tape over the hole that drops the food. The fish were fed about what they could consume in 1 minute.

    The experiment started on 9/7/2017
    Tank A was on Azayaka Growth
    Tank B Saki Hikari Fancy Goldfish (Purple)

    Weigh in
    Tank A = 29g
    Tank B = 35g

    Next I will just share what I observed, the detailed notes are pretty repetative and boring.

    9/8 Tank A dropped eggs

    9/10 Tank B has floating poop with trapped bubbles. Noticeably more poop than tank A, not all floating.
    Tank A smells worse than tank B
    9/13 both tanks really smell, especially A

    9/14 Tank B has a lot of poop some floating again
    weigh in
    A 32g (+3g)
    B 40g (+5g)
    Tank B dropped eggs, both fish are female.
    Tank A dropped eggs again.

    9/17 Tank A dropped eggs again.
    9/19 More eggs in tank A
    9/23 More eggs in tank A
    9/29 Tank B stopped eating, looks lethargic
    Added duckweed to both tanks for constipation relief
    9/30 HUGE poop in tank B in the morning
    6pm scales lifting on fish in tank B
    treating with kanaplex and epsom salt (2 scoops kana 1/8tsp MgSO4)
    Fasting fish until 10/5 due to digestive concerns and I will be away for work.
    10/1 fish in tank B died.
    10/6 Weigh in Tank A 29 grams

    I had to go out of town for work the day after tank B fell ill. I decided it was best to fast the fish while I was gone. Unfortunately the fish from Tank B was disposed of so I could not do a necropsy, I would have really like to have seen if there was some sort of gut impaction.
    I knew there was a risk of constipation with all of the dry food but thought I could catch it and correct it in time if it arrose. I was not going to share my results since the experiment went sideways but I might as well.

    Final notes. Azayaka growth smells worse than Saki Hikair Purple. The fish fed Azayaka growth had less waste and what waste there was was better formed, almost the shape of the Hikari pellets at times, at one point I thought I switched the feeders accidentally. I do not believe the Hikari food killed my fish, more likely genetics and heavy feeding of dry food. Colorwise both fish looked spectacular during the experiment.
    I picked these two foods because they are popular and pricey and have a good reputation. Both foods have good ingredients. I would have liked to have compared Repashy but I could not come up with an automatic feeding method.
    I also weighed 2 of my butterflies before and after the experiment for comparison, one gained 2g the other 9g. They were also fasted for 5 days while I was out of town. None of the fish were fasted before their first weigh in so I believe they all may have actually gained a few more grams than it would appear.

    So all in all we learned that feeding your goldfish a lot of dry food is bad for them, which we already knew, what a waste of time and fish.

    This is a playlist of the videos I took during the experiment.
  2. OC Ranchu

    OC Ranchu Active Member

    Oct 12, 2016
    Snow Hill, MD
    Good report and sorry the experiment didn't go as planned!
    Back when I started with my Rachu a number of years ago I was influenced into feed purple bag. After two years of feeding my Ranchu I began doing research about food pellets and what more advanced breeders and growers where using. Shortly after I began feeding Ranchu Lord D (lots of organic matter) I noticed a significant improvement with digestion, the way that the waste was less dense exiting from the fish. I have feed and also sold a good bit of the Lord D foods and also the Azayaka. While these two food differ greatly neither of them uses fillers like the Hikari. To me the Hikari is a mid grade food compared to the others. I will give you that the Azayaka foods do have a certain smell to them but I just contribute that to being a more potent food.
    My pond fish get the Azayaka and my tank kids get Lord D (along with other organic foods). Over the next few weeks I will be testing some of the JPD (Japan Pet Designs) foods and will post on IG about my progress. If your interested in further food evaluations let me know.....
    I don't feed any gel foods.
  3. steamboatpilot

    steamboatpilot Active Member

    Feb 4, 2017
    Northern California
    Yeah the smell was more like "whoa this food has some serious ingredients". I also found it interesting that the fish on the Azayaka laid eggs so much more frequently than the other.

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