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Good Canister?

Discussion in 'Goldfish Gear' started by Silverphish, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. Silverphish

    Silverphish Active Member

    Jul 24, 2015
    Central Virginia
    I am debating switching from HOB filters to a canister. Right now I have 2 HOB, a fluvial EX70 and a Fluvial EX20 on a 40 gal breeder, only 2 fantail, and soon a small oranda. I removed all the charcoal/pads/sponges in them and replaced with a layer of wide weave floss pad, then ceramic bio media, then a smaller weave floss pad, and a final layer of bio-media.
    It works really well, my parameters are always perfect, I rinse the media twice a month. However, I just got a new oranda and even in the 20 gal QT tank (has it's own EX20 with the same modification), she seems to have difficulty with the current. I just wonder how she will handle the current in the big tank once she finishes QT.

    1. So, what is the best canister filter for this size tank? (Also, I plan on getting a 75-90 gal this summer, so a canister that would work on both the current and the future tank would save me some $$)

    2. Is there a way to modify the flow out of the more powerful canisters so that it's not so rough?

    3. I also need one that is easy to open and take apart to change / clean media.

    Any advice is appreciated. I'm not very technically inclined, so I don't think building my own is possible...
  2. danarea

    danarea goldiefanatic

    Aug 21, 2013
    Washington state
    I use the Rena XP filters. They come in various sizes. You can find them on Amazon. Very easy to set up and maintain. Lots of room for extra sponges and bio media. Easy to get parts for. For any canister, just point the return nozzle straight down or against the side ie back wall of the tank to buffer the current.

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