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Hikari The Difference

Discussion in 'Goldfish Food' started by Hunter, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Hunter

    Hunter Active Member

    Aug 2, 2017
    SO I was looking at a few of the Hikari pellets on the Amazon to try and noticed alot of them are labeled for a certain variety of fancy goldfish, or labeled as baby food whats the difference in them? I currently own a pair of Young Orandas(Yay petco for having fancies) and a pair of Telescope Butterflies (Special ordered, despite my not actually requesting them!)
    currently both are eating these


    I've noticed growth in the butterflies in the about 2 months Since i got them, not massive but visible currently we are in the 2ish inch mark for all of them
  2. steamboatpilot

    steamboatpilot Active Member

    Feb 4, 2017
    Northern California
    Baby food will be a smaller pellet. Protein content, color enhancers, floating vs sinking, and marketing are probably the biggest difference. I switched to some fancy Japanese stuff from OC Ranchu. I was reading another post on here were a few breeders were talking about liking Omega One goldfish for quality and price. Here is a good comparison of some popular foods http://highranchu.blogspot.com/2013/12/food-talk.html
  3. calicomj

    calicomj Well-Known Member

    Aug 13, 2017
    I've seen so many people claim that Hikari foods cause swim bladder issues. Countless threads with fish that floated were fed a staple of Hikari pellets. Usually Saki but sometimes the Lionhead formula. Both the sinking types. I simply CANNOT recommend using this brand. Not trying to undermine anybody that does or has had success, but to me it isn't worth the risk.

    Even Jennie of Solid Gold Aquatics had stopped using these and begun feeding NLS Regular formula. I am not sure of the reason but I suspect swim bladder issues may have been a part. It could have been cost or availability though so I don't know.

    We need to be evaluating the ingredients of the food rather than looking at fancy packaging or where products originate from. Why feed your fish a ton of wheat? They don't eat a ton of wheat in the wild. I try to mimic a natural diet as best I can. If it doesn't grow or live in the water, we shouldn't overload our fishes diets with it.

    Algae, insect larvae, fish, and other aquatic plants and animals make up a natural diet and would all be found in the waters they'd live in. Wheat, corn, soy etc would not be in the water and thus should not be heavily in their diets. These ingredients can't truly be avoided when it comes to pellet food, but the less, the better IMO.

    With that being said, almost anything TETRA isn't any good. I can't think of even one product I would recommend from them for goldfish. Their filters and foods suck. Their medications suck. Even their tanks and tank kits suck. Low quality brand to me overall.

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