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how to start over?after fungus and other infections..

Discussion in 'Advance Water Quality' started by garyru, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. garyru

    garyru Active Member

    Aug 11, 2014
    south africa
    hi all ,im asking yall for a bit of help here...

    one of my aquariums ,a 70 gallon,with an aqua clear filter,diy window planter bio filter with bio balls and filter floss,an internal canister filter connected to an air supply.,,has recently been attacked..

    fish started showing signs of ich,which was treated with the thermostat (up to 28 degrees celsius)and salt,after a week i used a metyhlene blue solution as i saw the fish had developed wat seemed to be velvet,cramped fins,red spots,the fish wer hiding behind filters etc...i have lost 2 out of 6,i have two red caps left which seem fine? healthy eating active etc and i have a baby lion head which doesnt seem good....
    (they 5cm in a 4ft 70 gallon)

    wat i wanted to ask is..
    (my parameters are good)

    ive thought about treating the entire tank with a general fungi,ich finrot medicine,to ensure ive rid this tank of all diseases

    should i use a hospital tank and treat the remaining water as is?
    should i scrub down the tank,do a complete water change,leave the filters as is, (uncleaned),use a water primer ,add the medicine and let it run into all the filters?

    ive heard the medicines,tetra med suggest not running filters at this time but my question i should i try to ensure nothing can hide?

    so complete water change add meds and run filters?
    leave water as is ,medicate,and just air?
    hot water, clean out leave tank to dry in the sun,but my question here is wat about the filters how do i ensure the healthy bacteria stays without the risk of these diseases hiding and re infecting the tank?

    so without sounding too repetitive..
    cleaning the quarium out with hot water ,scrubbing it down and leaving to dry should kill anything left in the tank itself,
    but how do i rid the filters of any of these evil sob's whilst keeping the bios healthy and ready to start cycling the tank once again..

    much appreciated.
  2. Hinfin

    Hinfin Banned

    Jan 3, 2014
    I will try to reflect on your situation, also because i had to learn from similar situations when i was young.

    Medical treatment of fish; including salttreatment upwards of 1 teaspoon/gallon should be done in Q. You never know what other pathogens might surface if you disrupt the natural balance in an aquatic system. You also cannot predict the impact the treatment has on the waterquality, except in (preferably) 100% clean tapwater(dechlorinated if needed).

    If fish die because of multiple conditions; usually it is best to just start from scratch again. Pathogens can be 'dormant' in an aquatic system but micht surface if the conditions are favorable. This seems to have happened to you and i would personally not risk investing time and fish in a system like this. So i would start over, meaning i would completely desinfect everything using bleech and treat the remaining fish in a Q tank in a seperate room, a storagebox near a watertap might be a good idea aswell.

    Jumping from treatment into treatment; very harsh on fish and many treatments cannot be combined or need time in between. Medication allways influences fish general health, so fish allways need to recover and preferably detox from medication.

    If you start over do not rush it; carefully desinfect everything (i bleech twice and dechlorinate) run past your setup; enough filtration, air etc. It might be helpfull to write down your husbandry routine, try and figure out what went wrong and what went right before and why. Often i came to the conclusion my husbandry was lacking and the waterquality was waning, my routine has become very strict over the years.

    Be aware of how pathogens are introduced to your system; no matter how cute a new member to the family is, it needs to be quarantined for a month or preferably longer. This way pathogens will surface without infecting your established system. Especially cross contamination with foreign tankwater(that comes with new fish) or low quality frozen foods seem to have caused problems for me in the past.

    When medicating fish(including salttreatment for Ich etc.); allways follow directions very closely, try and find as much background information as possible before you start the treatment. Only when you have a complete picture of the treatment you should start it. There is a saying in our country that applies to treating fish aswell; "Weak healers make stinking wounds.".

    I have had the same situation where i needed to start all over twice. Once because a fish died during my vacation and i bought it just before my vacation(royaly stupid!). And once because of spoiled FBW. If the above seems like a rant i am sorry, i hope it is informative and take it as an opinion from someone who had similar experiences.
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  3. Ichthius

    Ichthius Professional Breeder

    Dec 11, 2008
    Eugene Oregon
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