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Rules Of Judging for TVR (Japan Ranchu Association)

Discussion in 'Goldfish Judging' started by small_ranchu, May 31, 2011.

  1. small_ranchu

    small_ranchu Admin Staff Member

    Nov 22, 2008
    Bergen, New Jersey
    Credit go to Daryl Wee (Hugoboss) from OsuKaa goldfish firm...
  2. GlassGoldfish

    GlassGoldfish sculpting ranchu daily Staff Member

    Feb 6, 2009
    Central Oregon

    "4. Head pattern....Omoyaburi, Omoshiro, Omosarasa, Tanchou, Ryoudo, Kuchibeni, Mado, Ougashira"

    Very interested to get more details on these head types. Tanchou seems obvious. The only head type definitions I can resource are from Fancy Goldfish, PG 150:

    Tatsugashira (dragon head) -imposing growth between eyes, projecting forward
    Budogashira (grape head) -large, uniform, round growths over entire head.
    Tokingashira (cap head) - looks like little pillbox hat. Early indicator of high quality wen.
    Binhari- (1700 hairstyle) -describes heavy growth on gill covers.
    Shishigashira (mythical lion/dog) -heavy growth starting from the bottom and covering the entire head. The ideal all-around wen.

    Dear Experts: Can you please provide any definitions for these headtypes:
  3. yukoandk

    yukoandk Active Member

    Nov 14, 2010
    I'm no expert but will try at some on the list.

    From what I understand, breeders from different areas use different words to describe the forms/patterns. The desired forms/patterns are talked about among the breeders, then the names/words to describe such become a common language. So there are more familiar names such as Tancho (red cap) and Shishigarira (lion head) because they were popular from a while back. Also, Tatsugashira (dragon head, refering bigger funtan), though more recent than Shishigarira, is used widely now indicating the form's dominance in popularity. With Uno (kyoto) ranchu, they put more value/appreciation in the patterns, so their vocabulary to describe them is richer and even gets more technical. I hope I'm making a little sense. I think what I mean to say is there's no "universal list."

    Omoyaburi: Red head and front fins, rest of body/fins white
    Omoshiro: White head
    Omosarasa: Sarasa (Red and White) concentrated on head
    Tanchou: Red circle on top of head
    Kuchibeni: Red lips "lipstick"
    Mado: White opening on top of red head "window"
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