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Terrifying/embarrasing goldfish keeping stories! :)

Discussion in 'Goldfish Conversation' started by Hanamura, Jan 30, 2016.

  1. Hanamura

    Hanamura Member

    Nov 1, 2015
    Nottingham, United Kingdom
    Hello all!

    So today I wanted to share my embarrassing goldfish-keeping stories from when I first owned goldfish to this day!
    Feel free to post one yourself too! :)

    So, my first time owning goldfish was because my parents owed me for a mistake they made that I'll probably never forgive them for (Listening to this nurse who was out of her mind, trying to cure my ear-blockage by letting blood rot in some weird apparatus lodged in a vein on my HAND!) and this was during Summer Vacation of 2008.

    I was one of those gullible kids who thought goldfish could be kept in a small bowl, with neon yellow, green and pink gravel wth a fake purple plant in the middle filled to the brim with Chlorinated water.

    I had two fish at first, in that hate-crime of a set up.

    One near-transparent fancy goldfish with black eyes and one red and white Ryukin.
    I was so uneducated about goldfish keeping. The red and white one died and I was stumped. I put her in a container with water separate cause I could not tell how she died. (She stayed there, on the top of a wall cupboard in the kitchen till she turned to bones and the water evaporated) But later on I figured out it was because there was no more oxygen in the bowl.
    So I kept dumping out water in the tap and filling it up again.
    So many fish died in this setup...
    Oh my god, there was even the time I bought a couple of other fish and dumped them all in that crowded bowl(<This and everything I will state here are the only things I am not proud of having a one-way ticket to hell for).
    You see, the problem is: I never looked at them as animals, but as ornaments. Because that's the only value I've ever been taught about goldfish by the media and my parents(they were ignorant on purpose.).
    Then one day, the bowl slipped outta my hands and smashed. That was kind of mercy for the fish even thou the black moor lost an eye. Because after that, I kept them in a tub temporarily and then got them one of those cheap acrylic tanks with a sponge filter and air pump.

    Every two weeks to a month I'd do the same thing as previously and dump out the old water and rinse out the pump when the water got too foggy.
    Never any chance to cycle. And still with the chlorinated tap water. oh god.
    plenty of fish deaths and a temporary switch to tropical fish and then back to goldfish and a move to a new house with internet and broadband coverage(I was living in the desert. sorry) later, I learned that gold fish need a proper fish tank and de-chlorinated water and I started acting on that.
    I got them a 22 gallon glass tank with an air pump and an internal filter and all.
    BUT- when it came to stuff like cycling, I brushed it off. I got my attitude from my dad, who is Algerian. And the Algerian attitude is:
    "You need to cycle a tank for HOW LONG?! Crazy talk!"
    "A fish tank HOW BIG?! That's crazy!!"
    "Weekly water-changes?! Hippie talk!" lol
    So stuck to the "One water change a month" routine which included putting everything in a bucket except for the gravel and then just rinsing everything tip-top sparkling clean.
    And then I got a shrimp, a big one. and that was not a good idea. I returned it after it killed one of my goldfish.

    And then mid 2012, depression hit.

    The light got busted. the filter clogged and got damaged from it, I had only one fish left. Lots of algae and a bit of filth. Very little food remaining and could not find the motivation to get more. And I done nothing about it. because all I wanted to do was sleep or lose my self in thought.
    Soon, my last fish was dead.
    I inspected her and found a baby jammed half-way out of her vent with a rupture on her belly... No kidding.
    We moved from the desert to the UK soon after.

    In the UK, mid 2015, I got a new tank. I don't know what I was thinking. Got the tank, gravel, real plants, chems and two fish. Say hi to Umi and Kaori.
    They were tiny and scared, Then I got Hana and Lucky and then they were "happy" until my tank had a bacterial bloom and got an Ammonia spike and it overwhelmed me, cause I had just failed my college course.
    Those poor fish almost died. :(
    Until the tank smelled so bad and I changed 98% of the water and finally loosened up a bit and gave this "Cycling" thing a go.

    Now My fish have grown and are fairly happy. Hopefully I don't pull any more embarrassing disasters, but we all start from somewhere, no?
  2. CaliGold

    CaliGold Well-Known Member

    Nov 23, 2015
    South Carolina
    Hi Hanamura!

    I've gotta say congratulations on keeping those last little fishies alive and well! We all make beginner mistakes, and until we get educated about why our fish keep dying in terrible set-ups, we don't change things. Funny how stubborn people can be, eh?

    When I was a kid (way before I ever seriously started keeping fish), I remember my little sister wanting some tropical fish for her birthday one year. So being the nice older sister that I was, I bought her a little 2 gallon bowl (you know, the one that's shaped like a short cylinder on its side?), some gravel, a fake log, and 3 pygmy puffers. Oh dear lord do I feel bad for those little guys typing this out now. Anyway, we set up the bowl with about 2 inches of the gravel, put the log in, poured straight tap water into it, and let it sit for a few hours to get room temperature. I thought I was so clever for that last bit. ::facepalm:: Then we went and picked up the pufferfish from the local petshop, floated the bag in the tiny tank for a while, and released them into their death chamber. The next day, two of the puffers looked to be in poor shape, and the third was just kind of listless. There were bubbles all over the tank (as happens when water warms up over time without any movement), and within two or three days, they were all dead. Thankfully my sister was traumatized enough not to want more fishies to replace the ones we lost.

    Fast forward to my college years, I began taking fishkeeping seriously. Since then, I've had freshwater set-ups (properly sized, filtered, and maintained), and last year I began looking into fancy goldfish. Every tank to me starts off ornamental, and grows into so much more as I put in more work and research, add to it, or change it up. We start with an idea of what we want to see, and go from there. Incidentally, I only have one tank now with my two fantail goldfish, Aragorn and Boromir, and three nerite snails, Sam, Merry, and Pippin (Frodo passed a week or so after I got him).

    Here's to many more years of successful fishkeeping! :)
  3. Scifisarah

    Scifisarah Well-Known Member

    Jan 4, 2016
    So far the only embarrassing goldfish related occurrence is sucking poor calico ryukin Salt up in my gravel vacuum. I was used to cichlids that could swim in and out of the vacuum with no trouble so I just had it in the tank and did not pay attention. Despite being crammed all the way in the top and having to actually take it apart to get his fat body out, he seems to have healed up completely now and bears no ill will against me. :)
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