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Default Ok to trim goldfish fins?

I have been wondering for a while now if it is ok to trim my orandas fins.

He has some slight deformaty on his tailfin were it looks like a bit of fin is growing out of his tail fin.

I know ripped fins are not uncommon for fish to get so would cutting off the deformaty be ok?
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almost all fish have slight deformatities - that is the challenge with Goldfish. Apart from anything else you are creating a wound that has to heal and might allow access for a disease and it probably won't look any better when it is finished, so I would say no. If the reason was that the finnage was diseased then that is a different as that might save the fish' life.
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i would not condone it in most cases, but...

fin trimming is sometimes done with tosakin to "correct" minor tail splits. supposedly each time it grows back the split decreases. i have done this with tosakin but can't honestly say that it is too efective at improving the tail, but i may have done it wrong

i have also trimmed ranchu tails which folded to see if they would correct. my experience is the tail grows back the same if the defect is genetic bit will clean up if it was damage. BUT the new tail tissue is usually foggy white. stiff tails that are trimmed will be replaced with softer tails that will fold as they grow is the fish swims too much, which they are prone to do—this is why it does not work on a ranchu in most cases—you would need to confine them in a floating cage or something to reduce swimming. i don't believe folding would be an issue in soft flowing tails like an oranda. if you trim too deep, or trim thick bones it usually will not grow back the same or at all. trimming the edge usually reapairs easily.

if you do trim, the fish should go directly into pristine water that has never been used, with no other fish or filter, just an air stone. maybe fast it for 36 hours before so it is not pooping in the new water. don't feed and keep it in the dark so it is not swimming. adding melafix and pimafix would be a good idea too. give it a couple of days like this to close the wound before putting it back to it's normal enclosure.

again i am not condoning this, but if you do, be careful and good luck.
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Default Okay to cut?

Hello! I am sure you have fantail or any kind of fancy goldfish with twin tails before with twin tails that are suppose to have a split?

I have a Beautiful telescope where his twin tails are stuck together,
I am trying to cut it down the middle so they can be separate and make it easier for him to swim?
Is this safe? Okay? Any recommend? Had anyone done it before?

Photo below - you see how one has a beautiful split twin tails, and one doesn't - I want to cut and separate my fish so his tail looks like that!
Any help?
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