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Goldfish Standard - Fantail

The Fantail Goldfish, a double-tail goldfish, has an egg-shape body; a pair of anal, ventral and pectoral fins. The body is rather deep. The dorsal fin is large and stiff and upright on the back. There are records of 10 to 12 long Fantails.

The Fantail can be seen in various colors: orange, yellow, red, white, olive or grayish green, yellowish brown, calico and black. Scales of Fantail can be of metallic, matte, or nacreous patterns.

The main identification characteristics of this type of goldfish are: paired fins, especially the caudal fin, which is also called tail fin; the deep body; and the high stiff dorsal fins, usually 1/3 to the depth of the body. Normally, the caudal fin is 1/3 to the length of the body with the split at least 75% of the length of the tail. The remaining fins should be proportional to the shape and size of the fish. Tail fins that are not split or that are split into three parts (tripod) should be avoided as they might be disqualified at a show.

The scales should be arranged regularly and evenly distributed, there should be no scales missing appearing as gaps.

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