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How do I select a good SVR? by Wy Ken

One of the most frequently asked questions among hobbyist is “How do I select a good SVR?”

When I first started this hobby back in the 80’s, getting reference and help for the hobby usually comes from the local fish shop. We usually accept whatever the local fish shop says, whether right or wrong. The internet did not exist, there was no goldfish forum and reference books cost a bomb (which still do today). It is through trial and error that you learn.

No wonder then that my initial selection criterias of SVR was mainly on colour and marking of the body. The head growth was (and still is) also very important to me (as I am a sucker for big head growth). Little or no emphasis is placed on the back curve in my selection criteria.

As time go by, and after gaining more experience (from the internet and fellow forumers), my criterias and perceptions on selecting a SVR also changed. Due to my over zealous criterias earlier, I ended up with some not so nice SVR. I am sure a lot of hobbyist have the same experiences.

This article is aimed at providing some general guidelines to fellow hobbyist. It is my own personal observation and opinion and cannot represent the rest of the goldfish world.

All comments are welcome to improve and share ideas. Happy reading and hope this help in buying your next SVR.


This Article is contributed by Wy Ken from The Goldfish House

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